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    The Bar Talk Happy Hour offers a mix of fun talk and news surrounding country music and current events. We also have approximately 11 songs in the hour that are up-tempo, high-energy songs from several subgenres of country music, including Texas Country, Mainstream Country, and Rockabilly. The show carries a high energy and provides a fun atmosphere.

    We are suited to all station broadcast types, including AM/FM, DAB/HD, LPFM, and Internet Radio Stations. We are compliant with FCC rules surrounding language. It should be noted that this would not be considered a family-friendly show and occasionally covers adult topics that may not be suited for younger audiences. The show hosts Odie (Coyote) Lofton and Producer Raven Lofton, a husband-and-wife family duo, keep content appropriateness in mind when curating and recording the show.


    The ideal time to air this show would be Friday or Saturday from mid-afternoon to the overnight hours. We are open to other times based on station preferences but ask stations to keep the airing time consistent weekly.

    The show is available weekly for download via a Dropbox shared link by Fridays at 8 AM Central U.S. time for airing over the weekend and following week.


    Bar Talk Happy Hour Format Clock

    Above is a sample of our format clock. We offer stations 10 seconds at the top of the hour for station legal ID, and we allow for two (2), four (4) minute local breaks in the hour. For a total local time of 8 minutes. These are usually around the 21 and 41-minute marks of the show. NOTE: These times are subject to change week-to-week, but stations will be guaranteed the 8 minutes of local break content.

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